Catching bait with gum

So you need to catch some bait but the grocery store is 30 minutes away? No problem! look for anything that resembles a bread ball that you would normally use to catch bait and put it on a small bait hook. In this video we used bubble gum to catch small Cichlids for bait. Hai left the bread at home and I left half of a loaf of bread in my truck. Somehow, we assumed one of us had the bread I guess but we improvised with gum not waisting any valuable time and spent more time fishing. Check out for more info!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.35.12 PM

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Growing up in Central Florida, I grew to love the sport of fishing. Bass fishing quickly became an addiction when I purchased my first kayak in 2006. I then explored saltwater fishing and learned more skills & tactics to make me a better angler. I have traveled all over Florida chasing inshore species and Largemouth Bass. I am fortunate enough to have used my added skill of photography to create content for fishing related companies, Tagline development for social media outlets, & attend Media at events. Feel free to find me on IG @Priveraphoto, FB, Youtube, LinkedIn,
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