How to “Texas rig” a softplastic worm

The Texas rig is a technique used for fishing a soft plastic lure. The technique usually incorporates a Bullet weight threaded onto a line followed by a hook attached to the line. Normally, I would not use this rig as a search bait. I would tie on the rig if I had a general idea where Bass may be such as underneath a dock. The rig has been around for as long as soft plastic worms because it’s success at catching Bass. Some people choose to rig with the weight pegged against the hook but that is often a preference from angler-to-angler. I only “peg” when I am Flipping grass mats. I also use a Palomar knot to tie off the Texas rig.

Click for more on Extra Wide Gap worm hooks or Bullet weights.

an example of a Weightless “Texas rig” Below.
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.39.08 AM

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