How to rig for “Flippin” heavy cover


Punching through matted grass, Flipping around lay downs,  or just Pitching docks? One big factor these different fishing techniques share in common is heavy cover that can potentially hold big fish. The majority of the time you lose a fish around all of this cover is because the hook set wasn’t proper. Make sure you use the proper Flipping hooks and tungsten weight. Tungsten is a denser metal compared to led or steel so the manufacturing process to make tungsten is more costly. Bobber stoppers are important because you want the tungsten weight to stay close to the soft plastic and if the tungsten moves freely a few inches in front of the soft plastic there is a chance it could get hung up or stuck.

Make sure you try the Snell knot, I illustrated in the video why for this fishing technique I choose to Snell my hook and not tie a Palomar. Also, if you are not using 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 1oz or heavier you may not be getting the plastic into the structure you are trying to fish.

Please click each link separately for more on HOOKS, WEIGHTS, BOBBER STOPPER.

Below is a photo of a Largemouth bass I caught flipping matted grass



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