Go Pro 3 Battery Eliminator to USB Power pack, How to Have unlimited Power on your Go Pro 3

If you have a gopro you know it’s quite frustrating when you have to change our your battery every 2 hour or even worst forgetting to charge them. Were here is a $20.00 product that will solve your problems.

What they have done is replace the battery with a unit that connects itself via usb to a battery pack. The batter pack comes in various sizes up to over 20,000mah!

You will have unlimited power.. well as long as your battery pack last anyways.

The unit comes with a cover as well making it still water proof. Make sure you have the original case not the thin ones made for the GP4 and later GP3plus, they will not fit.

I got mine off Amazon for about $20.00 .. the bad reviews are from people with newer gopro cases that won’t fit right.

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