$2.99 Mouse lure, Jawbone Mouse lure

Compare to other mouse lures of $10.00 or more the Jawbone at $2.99 mouse is nothing fancy but the fish don’t seem to mind.

If you like throwing hollow body frogs you will love throwing a mouse lure. They cast a lot better and I get more strikes on the mouse vs the frog. I am thinking this is due to the fact that it is a smaller profile lure.

I find it best to cast it out, let it rest for a couple seconds then start walking it back slowly with some pauses. I have had strikes on top of hydrilla mats and pads as well.

Casting is excellent and so is the hook up ratio. The packaging is not the best and the detail on the lure is minimal. If you don’t care about that however, you will love the price of $2.99.

I have only been able to find it at Dick’s Sporting goods.

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