How to catch fish using a lip less jerk bait like Mirrodine, Stickshad

The lipless jerkbaits has been one of my favorite lure for shallow water fishing. They cast a mile which allows for some stealthy presentation. They are super durable and of course the action is irresistible to the fish.(most of the time)

I have caught snook, redfish, trout, Tarpon and everything in between on the lipless jerk lure. They come in a variety of sizes and of course action. From floating, suspending and sinking.

For Flats fishing my personal favorite has to be the suspending ones. What I like to do is make long cast in 1 to 3 feet of water near structure, points and bait fish.

I very my retrieve but for the most part I start off with jerk jerk pause jerk pause and at times I reel it straighten in as well.

If I sight fish with this lure I make sure to cast it beyond the fish then retrieve it in front of them. Casting right on the fish would only spook the school for the most part.

The jerk jerk pause action works about 75% of the time, the other 25% you have to figure out what presentation they want. At times it is a lot more pausing and other times you can reel in as fast as possible. This is one of those vague rules where you have to be there and see the situation to figure out.

I hope the technique and tips help you guys out for better fishing. Until next time I will say the cliche “tight lines”.


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