Rail Blaza Rod Holder R

Railblaza make a variety of mounting system for kayaks, boats, actually whatever and where ever you want to mount products at.

The starport is a universal mount for their line of accessories from camera mounts,   Rod mounts ,  GPS , cell phones and so on. They tell me it has a shear strength of 300 pounds. The only ones I have ever broken on these things is when I smash my boat into a tree branch otherwise it has been very durable sitting in the sun for most part and honestly totally abused.

The star port that comes with the Rod holder R are is called the HD port. It is a pretty flat profile unit that can be mounted flush or on a rail system.

This kit comes with the HD Starport a Rod holder R and stainless mounting screws with instructions in the back of the packaging.  The unit tilts and turn with one knob and a locking mechanism strap which goes over your Baitcaster and spinning reel.

It is made for fresh and saltwater. The plastic is UV coated and the screws are stainless I have yet to see any significant wear and tear after two years of using the other products.

I have seen the kit retails from $19.95 to $26.96

Here is a link to Amazon.

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