Z-Man 3 1/2″ EZ ShrimpZ

Zman 3 1/2″ EZ ShrimpZ featured at ICAST 2016.

Available in a 2 pack (pre-rigged) or a 4 pack (un-rigged). The bottom the the pre-rigged EZ ShrimpZ has a customizable weight that allows you to trim off weight for a slower sink rate. This will be great when you are fishing the outgoing tide because once the tide is low you can adjust the weight of the shrimp without having to retie your lure.

The ElaZtech plastic that the product is made from is very durable to help prevent damage from pinfish, pufferfish and other pesky fish that eat small pieces of plastic lures. The ElaZtech is buoyant so while the ShrimpZ sink the tail flutters and appendages move for a much more lifelike action.




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