Pelican Products: Hands Free Headlamp and Flashlight Review

Pelican Products is mainly known for it’s waterproof cases. However, here are some products that you might not know about. Pelican also makes headlamps and flashlights. They have a Hands Free version where you simply wave your hand in front of it and a proximity sensor turns the light on and off. This is great if you have fish slime, mud or other debris on your hands that you don’t want to smear on your light. One of the other reason to use this light is if you are wearing thick heavy gloves.

They also have some photoluminescent flashlight (It glows in the dark.) This is a great feature when you are trying to find a flashlight when the power just shut off, especially for kids and elderly.

All these products come with the same high quality construction you would expect from Pelican Products. I was very impressed and look forward to buying a few of these items in the coming months.

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