Savage Gear Mud Minnow soft, Weedless Top water

Finally a weedless topwater that works

This is the Savage Gear mud minnow soft … this came out last year to very little fan fare.

If you are like me you like to use top water in the summer time but there is a bunch of weeds, dead grass just fowling up most lures.

This lure might be the lure you want to try. Though it don’t have the rattle and all the trebles your typical spook type lure has it is better than trying to use live bait and dealing with the mess.

It is one of most weedless top water , besides a frog lure, I have tried.

Though this is a soft plastic, it is a TPE design and it floats when retrieve and slow sinker making it a wake bait as well.

With the point of the hook above the hook eye design the hook up ratio is above average.

It is very weedless, pretty strong hook and the soft plastic TPE is quite strong and will last several fish before having to be changed out.

I have caught several bass on the lure so now I will give it a go in Saltwater and see what it can do.

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