A magnetic Universal 360 degree Mount for your phone

Can watch your gps and you dont loose your phone.

Universal 360 Phone Mount:

This simple setup consist of a magnetic ball with 3m adhesive tape on the bottom of if. The ball goes on your dash and even comes with extra adhesive in case you want to move it.

A cradle that mounts on the ball provides rotation and a flat surface for your phone to connect to.

The last  part is a thin metal with sticky tape on it as well. The sticky side goes on your case or phone and it is so thin it is non intrusive and barely noticeable once installed. This allows the phone to mount on the ball in almost any angle.

Now you can charge your phone and watch the gps with out having to dig for your phone or using clamps and suction cups that falls down every 15 min. 

The only draw back I have found is on heavy phones with extra battery packs. The mount still holds it but it just will not be adjustable due to the extra weight.

$12.00 Amazon link:


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