Small top water time, The Savage Gear Mudd Minnow Hard 3.5″

Small topwater works great if the fish don't want to eat your normal size topwater.

This is the Savage gear mud minnow heart 3.5 inch version. Great lure if you like fishing top water and the fish you are after is keyed in on smaller baits.

I was out there this morning in the kayak and we threw medium top waters and jerk baits and but they would refuse to eat the larger topwater. once I downsize to the 3.5″ Savage gear mud minnow hard it was a strike every few casts. I caught about 20 fish from mangrove snappers, trout, snook and even one jack.

The paint is on the inside so it’s quite durable. Nice large eyes and saltwater grade hooks.

The built-in rattle chamber seems to work pretty good and it cast well. The price point is reasonable at about $10(Amazon link) and it comes in six colors including this Olive one which happened to be my favorite not sure the fish care about that or not.

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