How to catch more Tarpon with the DOA Baitbuster

The Doa bait buster lure is one of the most popular Tarpon lure in the Bay Area.

There are three models but the one we are concerned about is the tolling model. This model has a strong hook and swim deeper in the water column.

Most tarpon fisherman the first thing to do when they open a package of the bait Buster is to sharpen the hook. This often results in a better hookup ratio and more fish landed.

With a unique hook it was often difficult to find a replacement for it. Recently Mustad came out with an Elite Ultra Point 2x bullet head jighead that fits the bill.

Though it was unintentional for the most part it happened to fit perfectly into the DOA baitbuster lure. It is a direct replacement without any modification needed.

Just slide the old jig head out and Slide the new jig head in and you’re set with a sharper stronger hook. This minor change should result in a much better hook up ratio and hopefully a better Landing ratios as well.

The are $5.99 at Tackle Direct

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