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I recently went to the beach in hopes of catching snook but the trip quickly became a learning lesson. After walking a mile of beach I realized that the lure of choice was going to be the realistic Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow in the small pattern since all of the bait I found averaged 2″. Anglers often talk about “match the hatch” and I always wondered how fire tiger or electric chicken lures catch fish? either way I think it is a combination of confidence in what you throw but to produce fishing on tough fishing days many pro anglers study what the bait is doing and where the bait is at.

In my case I didn’t catch Snook and after talking to locals on the beach nor did they. I did managed a couple Cuda and Bluefish as a bi-catch and a lesson in the bait (size/pattern). I also caught a few Peacock Bass on the same lure the day after because of the abundance of fry that hatched whether they were small tilapia or brimm the Peacock bass couldn’t resist the life like twitch of the lure.

The 3DS minnow features a unique body shape that allows for a tight twitch when retrieved and erratic action when jerked and paused.

If you want to add some realistic lures to your arsenal check out Yo-Zuri for more

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