How to Launch the Phantom 4 Drone in 1:05 seconds

1 minute 5 seconds form storage to fling

When the action happens on the water it is imperative that I launch the drone up and video in less than two minutes.

A few seconds lost here and there can be a lifetime opportunity lost.

Here I timed myself taking the drone out, setting things up, wait for the satellite to lock and finally flying.

The key is to confidently know that your drone is as ready as possible inside your case. Cables, props on, battery , ipad charged memory card installed.

The proper order that works best for me.

Open the case (I use the Case Club which allows me to keep the props on)
Controller on
Connect Ipad Mini2
Take Drone out
take the gimbal guard off
turn it on
while it searches for the satellite
I turn on the DJI Go app

I then do a manual launch straight up.
If the boat is rocky I do the holding the drone launch… here

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