About Paul Rivera
Growing up in Central Florida, I grew to love the sport of fishing. Bass fishing quickly became an addiction when I purchased my first kayak in 2006. I then explored saltwater fishing and learned more skills & tactics to make me a better angler. I have traveled all over Florida chasing inshore species and Largemouth Bass. I am fortunate enough to have used my added skill of photography to create content for fishing related companies, Tagline development for social media outlets, & attend Media at events. Feel free to find me on IG @Priveraphoto, FB, Youtube, LinkedIn, NationalProStaff.com.

How to rig a Swimbait

April 15, 2016 0

  Fishing a swimbait in open water is an effective method for covering a large body of water quickly. Swimbaits provide life-like action that imitates a baitfish. I often like to fish swimbaits with a […]

How to rig for “Flippin” heavy cover

April 13, 2016 0

  Punching through matted grass, Flipping around lay downs,  or just Pitching docks? One big factor these different fishing techniques share in common is heavy cover that can potentially hold big fish. The majority of […]

How to “Texas rig” a softplastic worm

April 11, 2016 0

The Texas rig is a technique used for fishing a soft plastic lure. The technique usually incorporates a Bullet weight threaded onto a line followed by a hook attached to the line. Normally, I would […]

How to use Nail weights for your Senko

April 11, 2016 0

  These weights say Tungsten on the front packaging but the back of the package says they “contain lead” which ever they have beside to check with your local guidelines in your state to make […]

How to Wacky rig a Senko/Stick bait

April 11, 2016 0

Very Productive when fished vertical structure. Often, I will pitch this soft plastic lure around structure like a dam or submerged tree. Fishing the Wacky rig is also very effective on Largemouth Bass suspending around […]

LiveTarget Lures Sunfish Rattlebait

April 5, 2016 0

  LiveTarget Lures is known for their detail and high quality lures. The lipless crank bait is just another lure I enjoy adding to my tackle box. When I first go the lure I didn’t […]

How To tie a Palomar Knot

April 5, 2016 0

The Palomar knot is a pretty simple and effective knot to tie if done correctly. People normally mess up the knot at the very final step of “cinching” the knot down make sure the knot […]

Buccaneer Bait Company “Wigglers”

April 4, 2016 0

For $2.19 you can own your very own 2 pack of “Wigglers”. These are fantastic for fishing off of beaches, piers, or deep canals. I have fished them around power plant outflows for Jack Crevasse […]

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