Twominutetackle.com is website dedicated to saving you time and hopefully money.

Too many times we often find ourselves doing research on products and services we want to buy, by doing a Google search.

What usually pops up is an editorial review and a YouTube video.

If you are anything like us, the video could not get clicked fast enough. Who has time to read when someone else already did all the work and put it into a video format?

The problem arises when the video itself becomes 15 minutes long and only has 2 minutes of real information. We are conditioned to 6 second Vines and watching 15 second Instagram videos. So a long winded video is a life time.

Besides, when you are sneaking this in at school or work, you just don’t have that kind of time.

Here at Two Minute Tackle we break it down to quick points and promise to do so in 2 minutes or less. No fluff, no stories, just the facts and some times our opinion.

For those that want the full comprehensive story, the “Two Minute Tackle Over Time” will fill your gear time with real world usage, extensive test and media coverage.

So bookmark twominutetackle.com to check out latest in gear.

We promised you will “Get it Two…” or your money back. Oh that’s right, it’s free.


-The crew at #2MTackle

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