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  • EDC (Everyday Carry)

    LEVER GEAR Toolcard 1.0

    This new TOOLCARD 1.0 by LEVER GEAR and is definitely a must have item. While most products like this have 1o tools this one has 40 tools included with hundreds of uses. The Toolcard 1.0 is made from 420 Stainless Steel and has a [...]
  • Inshore

    LIVETARGET – “New” Mullet Popper

    Here is a nice overview of the LiveTarget Popping Mullet. This is a new product for 2016 and I am looking forward to using this on the water this weekend. I will add updates to [...]
  • Apparel

    Best Reflective Lightweight Rain Jacket

    REFLECT360 by PROVIZ: Here is a unique rain jacket that can be used for running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and my favorite fishing! The jacket not only protects you from the elements, but [...]
  • Cameras and accessories

    How To Use the FishEye Camera Jig

    This is the FishEye Camera Jig made by CastMate Systems. This set up allows you to attach your action camera, and by using the added hardware, it allows you to position the camera in any [...]
  • Boat accessories

    Rail Blaza Rod Holder R

    Railblaza make a variety of mounting system for kayaks, boats, actually whatever and where ever you want to mount products at. The starport is a universal mount for their line of accessories from camera mounts,   [...]
  • Bass

    Sebile: Flat Shad Snagless

      Sebile Flat shad is now offered in a “snagless” model. The lure is very similar to the new 2nd generation Flat shad but the “snagless” has modifications to allow for fishing heavier cover. The [...]

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