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  • Bass

    Scouting new waters like a Pro!

      I recently went to the beach in hopes of catching snook but the trip quickly became a learning lesson. After walking a mile of beach I realized that the lure of choice was going [...]
  • Bass

    How to tie a Uni-to-Uni knot

    A simple effective knot, this knot is quick for connecting 2 lines together whether it is your mainline to leader for general fishing or for flyfishing and tampering the leader lb down the tippet. ***do [...]
  • How to

    Buccaneer Bait Company “Wigglers”

    For $2.19 you can own your very own 2 pack of “Wigglers”. These are fantastic for fishing off of beaches, piers, or deep canals. I have fished them around power plant outflows for Jack Crevasse [...]
  • Bass

    Pro-Z Baits – Poppin Frog

    The T-Fritz Popping Frog, by Pro-Z Baits is a very well made product and I am very please with the value. I ordered these two from a local company here in Florida. They have caught [...]
  • Bass

    How to tie a Snell knot

    The Snell Knot allows for your leader to be in contact with your hook and maintain it’s strength. The benefits to a Snell knot are endless and can be used in the following applications; Flipping, [...]
  • Boat accessories

    Pelican Products Announces New Cooler For 2017

    While at ICAST 2016 I was able to learn what Pelican Products were out for 2016 and more importantly what NEW Products are coming for 2017. These IM Elite Coolers are quite impressive and claim they [...]

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