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    TackleWebs ICAST2016 with Capt Mike Ortego 2MT

    TackleWebs’ newest products debuted at ICAST 2016, Cup Holder & Koozies with marine artist Capt Stephen Ferrell & others. Also, check out their bungee or velcro tackle bags & CoolerWebs. Visit for more info.
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    The Big foot Scum Frog

    This is the scum Frog by Southern Lure Company. Compared to most  frogs in the market these days the Scum frog is nothing pretty to look at. But then again as far as I know [...]
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    NEW Osprey 3000 Spinning Reel

    This is the new Osprey 3000 Spinning Reel from Florida Fishing Products. This is a very smooth feeling reel that offers 22lbs of drag, 10 ounce full aluminum body, ECO-Sealed Bearings and a 5.2:1 gear [...]
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    Micro Spike Topper w/ LED Light

    I recently came across this new product from JL Marine Systems. This is the new Micro Spike Flag Topper w/ LED Light. This is a safety device to add to your Power Pole Micro. It’s main benefit [...]
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    How To tie a Palomar Knot

    The Palomar knot is a pretty simple and effective knot to tie if done correctly. People normally mess up the knot at the very final step of “cinching” the knot down make sure the knot [...]
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    $2.99 Mouse lure, Jawbone Mouse lure

    Compare to other mouse lures of $10.00 or more the Jawbone at $2.99 mouse is nothing fancy but the fish don’t seem to mind. If you like throwing hollow body frogs you will love throwing [...]
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    Tremor: 50watts of Powerful Sound

    I shot this video last year and lost it due to a corrupted hard drive. Now that it has finally been recovered I wanted to share this with you. I am very impressed with the Tremor [...]

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